I contemplate the world in terms of color and layers and this heightened awareness has literally colored my perception and influenced my painting to achieve a blend of harmony, dynamism, and strong color, which extends to the subjects and concepts of each of my paintings. Color plays a very important role in my painting as it allows me to transmit accumulated experiences and emotions and to express an abstract reality and a subjective experience of my biggest inspiration in nature and landscape. These colors play both a figurative and symbolic role in my work.

Taking everyday elements of the world around us such as our own skeleton,  flowers, or the more mystical elements such as astral landscapes, I emphasize how colors can influence humans and transform their perspective about life and death. By taking a recognizable object and then transforming its background with my abstract vision, I portray what I perceive behind all the layers of reality and that which eyes can not perceive, beyond all the logical perception of vision.

It began when I started to alter and modify the layers of paint to an extent that I transformed them into planes. I divide the space of the painting into three areas: the background, the middle-ground and the foreground. I added an extra spatial plane which is located on the top of all the dimensions and illustrates the unknown. In this way I am able to blend figurative representation with layers of distortion and interpretation.

This process also encourages me to work beyond the borders of the traditional single canvas to produce works in a series, or in diptychs, triptychs, and polyptychs. The result is paintings that are at once descriptive landscapes, portraits, and still lifes, and at the same time a very intimate representation of my imagination and an imagined reality behind our perceived vision.

It is very important for me to convey a personal reflection on the nature of beauty, sublime elements of mortality, and an interpretation of how these concepts are emotionally intertwined.