Working on my new series of paintings

Working with two different series of paintings at the same time can be so exhausting, challenging and complicated especially when the art concepts of each one is totally different from the other but if you can manage to do that, it will be such a great experience and it would help you to expand your creativity more, dive deep into your thoughts, observe your ideas with a new perspective and, in the end, you will be already thinking ahead for your next serie of paintings.
More info will be coming soon….

Trabajar en dos series de pinturas al mismo tiempo puede ser agotador, desafiante y muy complicado, especialmente cuando los dos temas son totalmente diferente uno del otro, pero si puedes hacerlo, se convertirá en una experiencia increíble y te ayudaría a expandir más tu creatividad, te sumergirás profundamente en tus pensamientos y observarías tus ideas con una nueva perspectiva. Al final, terminaras pensando en tu próxima serie de pinturas.

New concept

About patty

Patricia Azucena Diaz Motz, artistically known as Patty Dimo. Born and raised in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Visual artist.

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