The creative process

How I create each painting-

Before I begin a painting I take many things into consideration: what I want to express? How can I express it? Which colors should I use? Size of the painting? What is my focal point? And many others things. Then I start drawing sketches and experiment with the colors and shapes.This is my own way of creating my paintings and I will explain it through my point of view.

This process is a result of the paintings I have worked on over the past several years. It began when I started to alter and modify the layers of paint to an extent that I transformed them into planes. I divide the space of the painting into three areas: the background, the middle-ground and the foreground. I added an extra spatial plane which is located on the top of all the dimensions and illustrates the unknown.

I know that many people are familiarized with the multilayers technique in painting. I use this technique but in my own way. I work with different layers of paint in the middle-ground and background, but, for me, each of these layers is a plane and has its own significance and hierarchal structure. In the foreground, is the real object and is the only thing I draw in the canvas before I start painting. Depending of the complexity of the concept, some paintings don’t have the foreground. What I mean about this is that the object doesn’t appear as a real matter because it is still in a stage of distortion.

This process had helped me to expand the boundaries of my paintings and to look beyond all those layers of vibrant colors that I use. From my artistic point of view, we must evolve in our own painting. To find your own identity as an artist, you must understand your art and your painting technique. The creative process is very important and we must be aware of this experience.

The viewers can explore my paintings in their own perspective. As an artist, it is very important for me to convey a message with paintings.

“The Beauty of Dying” is the name of the series of painting I am working on in the meantime. I will share more details soon but, for now, here is one of these painting:

"The Beauty of Dying"

“The Beauty of Dying”

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Patricia Azucena Diaz Motz, artistically known as Patty Dimo. Born and raised in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Visual artist.

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