“The parallel horizon between real and unreal”

These art pieces have photography as its principal predecessor, which captured an image as a starting point of a real world object and then by adding painting, changed its concept of “real”, giving as a result an artistic intervention. Hence, this art piece is converted into something “unreal”.

With these art pieces I want to continue to use the same process that I have been using for the past years; taking a “real” object and then transforming its background with my abstract vision (unreal). Then, at certain moment in this process, the imaginary becomes real.

To create these backgrounds I want it to integrate in some way with the cyanotype without making the painting seems like an outsider just placed in the composition, I wanted a union that marked that horizon parallel between the real and the unreal.

These cyanotypes stopped being simple blue images and became artistic pieces that break schemes of the representation of an object.