Art Exhibition: “El Color es una Expresión, Saturada de Emoción”

The first individual exhibition of Patty Dimo was in the 17th of July of 2013 at Salón Cultural del Banco Atlántida.

The exhibition “El Color es una Expresión, Saturada de Emoción” (Color is an expression, saturated of emotions) featured around 40 art pieces including paintings, cyanotypes and recycling art.

Dimo’s work in this exhibition exposed the significance of color in art in which, for her, is expressive and emotive. With her participation in this exhibition, she wanted to express the importance of color in painting.

Her inspiration derives from the colors of nature, which is expressed by her as: “The perception in nature and the color observed become essentially an interaction of reflections and sparks of colors. Then it starts elaborating images in the mind, to capture and reflect them into the canvas”.

Her concept in this exhibition was developed after she finished her master degree in art in Barcelona, in which her thesis was “The Attribute of Color is Expressive and Emotive”, due to her interest in the history of color in painting and how it has been changing significancantly throughout the years.

Now she is working in her new concept of “Transition of Colors”.



About patty

Patricia Azucena Diaz Motz, artistically known as Patty Dimo. Born and raised in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Visual artist.