An insight to Patty Dimo art.

The frequent questions I received from people about my art are: what inspires me as an artist? how I create my paintings?
As an artist, I like when people are curios to know more about my painting process or the conceptualization of my art. In the next entries I will explain more about my Artist Statement and the painting process. I hope you enjoy it and helps you with your art as well.

The inspiration-
“I do not have a specific artistic genre. This is due to various influences from the different artistic movements and the experimentation with the techniques in painting. I work with divergent subjects and themes for the concept of my painting series. However, what each painting has in common is the harmony, dynamism and strength of color”.

My paintings are a composition of my emotions, experiences and how I contemplate the world. I have always been an observer. Being an observer had helped me to visualize and interpret things that are not easy for the eye to see and to be more present and aware of what is happening around me. It challenges me to pay more attention to the little details and find new perspective. Therefore, my biggest inspiration has been nature and its landscaping.

The conceptualization of my paintings:

In my paintings, I have been using the same process for the past years; taking a “real” object and then transforming its background with my abstract vision (unreal). This abstract vision is what I imagine is behind all the layers of reality and the eyes can not perceive it and is beyond all the logical comprehension. I am more interested to search for the unknown and how I can represent it. That object is a visual representation of a matter and it connects my painting with the real world. Then, at a certain moment in this process, the imaginary becomes real.
I unify the composition of the painting by using colors and this create a balance and harmony. Colors can receive different significance, depending on the painting. Sometimes I use those colors as a reflection of the reality I observe and in other times they become the transmitter of the accumulation of experiences and emotions which allow me to express an abstract reality. With my art pieces I emphasize how colors can influence humans and transform their perspective about life and death.

In my next entry I will explain the creative process.

About patty

Patricia Azucena Diaz Motz, artistically known as Patty Dimo. Born and raised in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Visual artist.

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